Air conditioners are generaly broken into two categories central units and wall units. With central units the parts themselves give us most of the information needed to obtain new parts. The parts on wall units are generaly found by providing us with the Make and Model Number taken from the units ID Plate.

Commonly Requested A/C Parts:

(*If you have a wall unit A/C the following does not apply. Call us with the model number for your unit to obtain the coresponing parts.)

Motors - Motors are some of our most requested parts for air conditioners. We stock a large variety of styles and sizes. You just need to provide us with a little bit of information on your particular motor.
Have this information handy for reference - (Horse Power "HP", Rotation Per Minute "RPM", Amps, and Hertz)

Fan Blades - Fan blades come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and number of blades. To determine which blade you need you need the blades Diameter (tip to tip in inches), Pitch (The degree of the blades arch - usualy obtained with a pitch gauge) "We have these instock if you dont know the pitch just bring it by and we'll measure it for you.", and Rotation (either Clockwise "CW" or Counter-Clockwise "CCW")
*Quick note: If you lay your blade down flat and the fins touch the surface on the "bottom left" your blade is clockwise.

Contactors - These little low voltage devices bring the contactor, or contactors down sending the 240 volts to the main unit. We just need to know if they are single pole (one contactor) or double pole (two contactors), and what the low voltage is...normaly 24 volts.

Switches - Most central units dont have fan switches, but for the ones that do have switches dont woory we stock them as well.

Thermostats - Horisontal or Vertical? This one is easy.

Relays - Can normaly be replaced with combo packs (relay and capacitor in one unit)

Capacitors - Like "starters" on cars these little electrical power packs start motors and compressors. The "UF" or "MFD" rating, and the Voltage listed on the capcitor tells us which one you need. We can even bench test your old "cap" to see if you realy do need a new one!

Heating Coils - Tend to break when lint is built up on them. We just need the wattage.

Fuses / Thermal Links - A/C fuses are normaly the cartrige type. All you need is the Amp rating. Thermal links are very tiny little fuses that blow on temperature, normaly located on or around the Heating Coils.

A/C Filters - We have the "washable" cut to fit. We also carry many of the brand name filters as well.